MAC Developing Proactive Program for Dementia Care

New Care Ecosystem aims to provide personalized help for caregivers and patients

An ecosystem is a biological term that describes a community of living organisms interacting with their environment. UCSF’s new Care Ecosystem aims to improve the health care management of our patient population using a similar system. The Care Ecosystem will help patients with dementia and their caregiving families navigate through stages of illness together with coordinated support from a team of providers. Read more

Study Shows Link Between Obesity and Brain Function

Correlation found between increased body mass and decreased white matter

A study published in the journal of the Public Library of Science examines the association between body mass (BMI), vascular and inflammatory markers, and white matter integrity in the corpus callosum of the brain. Read more

Speech and Language Rehab for PPA Patients

Word retrieval therapy shows promise for patients with primary progressive aphasia

A November 2013 article from the journal Brain and Language discusses a treatment that might help improve language performance in patients diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia (PPA). PPA causes deterioration in areas of the brain that control speech and language, causing a gradual decline in communication abilities. Read more