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13th Annual Huntington Disease Research Symposium

We are excited to be able to stream our 13th Annual Huntington’s Disease Research Symposium live this year! The UCSF Memory and Aging Center’s annual Huntington’s Disease Research Symposium is a free conference intended for HD patients, caregivers, families and healthcare professionals. Come hear the latest research updates from experts in the field – from bench to bedside. Read more

MAC Developing Proactive Program for Dementia Care

New Care Ecosystem aims to provide personalized help for caregivers and patients

An ecosystem is a biological term that describes a community of living organisms interacting with their environment. UCSF’s new Care Ecosystem aims to improve the health care management of our patient population using a similar system. The Care Ecosystem will help patients with dementia and their caregiving families navigate through stages of illness together with coordinated support from a team of providers. Read more

The Art of Coping

How to address the behavioral changes in patients with Alzheimer’s disease

photo of mother and daughter
The formal definition of a caregiver is “a person providing direct care to an individual (adult or child)”—Webster’s Dictionary. Read more