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Life History Matters

Zachary Miller loves talking to his patients about their childhood. He believes that the clues to some neurodegenerative diseases have roots in a person’s early years of life. Did your mother have a normal pregnancy? Were you born on time? Did you enjoy reading? Were you ever tutored in math? Are you left-handed? And on and on it goes, patching together dozens of bits of life history to make sense of why an aging brain may be more vulnerable to specific types of dementia. Read more

13th Annual Huntington Disease Research Symposium

We are excited to be able to stream our 13th Annual Huntington’s Disease Research Symposium live this year! The UCSF Memory and Aging Center’s annual Huntington’s Disease Research Symposium is a free conference intended for HD patients, caregivers, families and healthcare professionals. Come hear the latest research updates from experts in the field – from bench to bedside. Read more

Hillblom Cognitive Aging Symposium

The annual Hillblom Cognitive Aging Symposium is designed to bring together leading researchers in brain aging to share the latest advances in the field. This full-day event highlights the most recent findings between collaborators of the UCSF Hillblom Network for the Prevention of Age-Associated Cognitive Decline as well as special guest lectures from experts in the field of cognitive aging. The talks and Q+A panels at the symposium cover a wide range of topics designed to reflect upon prior knowledge and forge future relationships.

If you would like to watch any of the sessions, click on one of the sessions below and advance to where the particular talk you want to watch starts. Read more