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Unraveling Posterior Cortical Atrophy: Not Seeing Things That are There

Eight years ago, the guy could stand up at a meeting and people would sit a bit taller and listen to what he had to say. On the way home, he would sit comfortably in his 1955 DeSoto and grin and wave to passersby. Then, people started honking when he passed and they were anything but happy to see his vintage car. It was happening with increased regularity. He’d scream back. But then noticed that he’d get to a turn in the road and press his foot down heavy on the brake because he didn’t know which way to go. A short time later, the landlord complained that it looked like a three year old had filled out the rent check. None of the information was in the right place. His name was scrawled at the top of the check. It was random – and scary. Read more

Dr. Miller on the impact of a dementia treatment

In a post on the Oxford University Press blog, Dr. Bruce Miller discusses the potential impact that a treatment for dementia could have on our economy. Delaying the onset of symptoms for just five years could save billions of dollars. These dollars could then be invested in providing services to improve the quality of life of patients and caregivers and to fund more research to find a cure.

Hellman Visiting Artist Program Fosters Dialogue About Creativity and the Brain

UCSF Workshops Offer Creative Exchange for Patients, Staff

“If I needed you, would you come to me? Would you come to me and ease my pain?”

As old-time fiddler Heidi Clare Lambert, artist in residence at UCSF’s Memory and Aging Center, sang these lyrics from Townes Van Zandt, her music filled a Parnassus campus conference room not the typical place to hear such sounds. Read more