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Alzheimer’s Disease Spreads Through Linked Nerve Cells, Brain Imaging Studies Suggest

UCSF Finding Raises Hopes to Use MRI to Predict Disease Progression

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia may spread within nerve networks in the brain by moving directly between connected neurons, instead of in other ways proposed by scientists, such as by propagating in all directions, according to researchers who report the finding in the March 22 edition of the journal Neuron. Read more

Two UCSF scientists to receive prestigious dementia research honor

Two UCSF scientists have been selected for the American Academy of Neurology’s prestigious Potamkin Prize, for their “outstanding achievements” in research on dementias.

Bruce Miller, MD, W. & Mary Margaret Clausen Distinguished Professor of Neurology, and Lennart Mucke, MD, Joseph B. Martin Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience and director of the Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease, will receive the honor for their major contributions to the understanding of the causes of, and treatment strategies for, frontotemporal lobar degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and related diseases. Read more

Fight for Mike: Help Mike Homer Fight Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Mike Homer recently passed away from CJD. Your donation will help accelerate research on medication that might prolong the lives of other patients as UCSF continues its work on a cure for CJD.

UCSF is the only place in the US that conducts research, clinical trials and treatment of CJD. UCSF’s Memory and Aging Center (MAC), directed by Dr. Bruce Miller, is the clinical program that provides assessment and treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. Dr. Michael Geschwind directs UCSF’s CJD clinical team. There are short-term treatments that can benefit patients, and your donation will go directly to research on medications that can prolong life and make the quality of life better. Read more