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If Grief is the Price of Love, Life with Mary was a Deal.

Mary and Dick had almost 50 years walking arm-in-arm in marriage and in life when she began holding on tighter than she ever had. Her pace slowed. She pulled on her husband’s arm. It was a subtle change that would give way to other curious happenings around their home. She was the consummate organizer, planning trips that would take them all over the world, managing the bills, the meals, the social activities. She was an education champion and elementary school office manager. Now, everything was taking more effort. Bills went unpaid. Things gone missing. She couldn’t plan international trips. She was frustrated.  She had fits of anxiety and anger, uncharacteristic of her naturally easy-going way. Read more

Genetics of Frontotemporal Dementia: A Family Story

Almost 30 years ago, a middle-aged man traveled to an Alzheimer’s Association meeting with a copy of his mother’s autopsy in his bag. It read simply: dementia lacking distinct characteristics. He’d had his mother’s brain sent cross-country to try to figure out why she – and her two brothers and a cousin – died with a dementia that caused them to act impulsively and irrationally. It wasn’t just the bizarre behavior he was curious and concerned about. In illness, his mother’s brain was shrinking, and she’d lost so much of who she had been in her younger years. (She was 50 when people began noticing something very odd about her behavior.) But as her cognitive skills diminished she gained something rather remarkable: an exquisite talent for painting gazelles and churches and people. Read more

Q&A from 2015 Research Education Event

On Saturday, March 21, 2015, the UCSF Memory and Aging Center hosted our annual Research Education Event. After a series of presentations and a lively Q&A, there were still some unanswered questions. We tried to address them here for you, but please feel free to post more questions in the comments, if we didn’t quite answer it for you.

Videos of the talks will be posted on our YouTube channel shortly.

We hope you find these answers helpful.

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