Community & Support

A support group can provide a safe place to express your own needs and deal with painful emotions, including aggression, anger, mourning and guilt. It is a relief to know you’re not alone. One of the most valuable benefits of being in a support group is learning about coping skills and helpful resources from your peers. Every person's experience is so different, yet there are similarities that often only other caregivers can relate to. Many caregivers find new friends and social contacts in support groups.

Because Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is a rare disease, many people have never heard of it. Educate others about what it is to be a caregiver and the need to find a cure for CJD.

Read the stories of other CJD caregivers whose strength, spirit and courage helped them communicate with friends and family. Maybe someone has followed a similar path or found the humor or positive moment you need right now.

Telling your story can help you feel better and connecting with others through similar experiences can provide comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Your story can also comfort those who knew the person before they became ill or others facing a similar experience.