Staff Directory

  • Social Worker
    Ms. Boissier works with families during the initial visits and helps them to identify comprehensive care plans.
  • Professor of Neurology
    Dr. Boxer directs studies of new therapeutic agents for Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementia.
  • Associate Clinical Professor of Neurology
    Dr. De May is a geriatric psychiatrist and Hellman Master Clinician at the Memory and Aging Center.
  • Speech & Language Consultant
    Dr. Dronkers specializes in adult speech and language disorders.
  • Administrative Nurse
    Ms. Gearhart is a Clinical Nurse Specialist and the Administrative Nurse for the Memory and Aging Center.
  • Neurologist
    Dr. Gorno-Tempini is an attending physician at the MAC and researches progressive aphasia.
  • Nurse
    Ms. Ketelle is the lead nurse for the ADRC program, FTD research grant manager and support group facilitator.
  • Project Administrator and Trials Nurse
    Mary Koestler administrates the Memory and Aging Center’s Clinical Trials Unit.
  • Director of Neuropsychology
    Dr. Kramer is the director of the Memory and Aging Center Neuropsychology Program.
  • Assistant Professor of Neurology
    As a clinical fellow, Dr. Lee evaluates and treats patients at the Memory and Aging Center.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Jennifer Merrilees is a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Associate Clinical Professor.
  • Director & Professor of Neurology
    Dr. Miller is the clinical director of the Memory and Aging Center at UCSF.
  • Speech Pathologist
    Ms. Ogar is the Acting Chief of Speech Pathology at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Martinez, California.
  • Associate Professor of Neuropsychology
    Dr. Possin is an associate professor in neuropsychology at the Memory and Aging Center.
  • Attending Neurologist
    Dr. Rabinovici evaluates and treats patients and coordinates the training for new doctors.
  • Professor & Neuropsychologist
    Dr. Rankin is a professor in the UCSF Department of Neurology and works as a neuropsychologist with the UCSF Memory and Aging Center.
  • Professor of Neurology
    Dr. Rosen sees patients in the clinic, trains new doctors and conducts research.
  • Professor of Neurology
    Dr. Seeley participates in patient evaluation and management.
  • Associate Professor of Geriatric Medicine and Neurology
    Dr. Valcour’s main research interest is neurocognition in HIV patients over 60 years of age.