International Visiting Scholars

At the Memory and Aging Center (MAC), we welcome the opportunity to train physicians, psychologists and other medical professionals from around the world. The MAC International Visiting Scholar Program offers opportunities to observe in our clinic and potentially collaborate in ongoing research projects.

Visiting scholars are often from abroad and funded by their home institutions during their time at the MAC. Visiting scholars are not required to have a US medical license and are not permitted to evaluate patients on their own; however, they are welcome to observe our clinic and clinical research evaluations. Please note that observation in the Memory Clinic is limited to 1–2 days per week. Applicants are expected to have excellent English speaking and reading skills.

Clinical observerships are available for up to three months, with a minimum of one month recommended. For applicants interested in research, a minimum six-month stay is recommended. For clinical observation visits lasting one month, a B visa is required. For visits longer than one month, a J1 visa is required and will be sponsored through UCSF. The cost for a short-term J1 visa (up to one year) is $610, an initial J1 (one-year) visa is $620, and a 2-year J1 visa is $1,270. The J1 fee increases with each additional year. Upon arrival, scholars will need to reimburse the UC Regents for any visa costs. Additionally, there is an administrative fee for visiting scholars of $300/month with a one-time $35 ID badge charge. Visiting Scholars are responsible for their own accommodations. Candidates who demonstrate a strong interest or track record of leadership in dementia research or clinical work may apply for limited financial assistance.

The first step is to complete the Program Application. Please submit completed applications via email to The application deadline is four months before the applicant’s preferred start date. We ask that applicants begin their visit on the first of the month. Once the application has been reviewed, we will contact you.

In addition to the program application, those interested in applying for research are required to submit a five-page research proposal that outlines your research question and hypotheses, summarizes relevant literature and the significance of the proposed research, and includes methods and specific planned analyses.

For further inquiries, please contact