Staff Directory: All Staff Members

  • Behavioral Neurology Fellow

    Dr. Elahi is a clinical fellow in behavioral neurology.
  • Behavioral Neurology Fellow

    Dr. Erkkinen is a behavioral neurology fellow at the Memory and Aging Center.
  • Clinical Research Coordinator

    Dariella is a Clinical Research Coordinator for the Care Ecosystem study.
  • Social Worker

    Julie Feuer is a social worker for the Care Ecosystem study.
  • Clinical Neuropsychologist

    Dr. Foley performs neuropsychological evaluations for patients at the Memory and Aging Center.
  • Genetic Counselor

    Jamie Fong provides genetic counseling to individuals and families who are affected by or at risk for neurodegenerative conditions.
  • Clinical Research Coordinator

    Emily is a clinical research coordinator for the healthy aging study.
  • Assistant Professor

    Raquel Gardner is an Assistant Professor of Neurology.
  • Research Scientist

    Dr. Gaus is helping to characterize von Economo neurons in health and disease in the Seeley lab.
  • Director, Neuroscience Imaging Center

    Dr. Gazzaley directs the Neuroscience Imaging Center (NIC) at UCSF, a core imaging facility.
  • Director of Operations

    Rosalie Gearhart is the Director of Operations for the Memory and Aging Center and a Geriatric Nurse Specialist.
  • Professor of Neurology

    Dr. Geschwind assesses and treats people with rapidly progressive dementias, including prion diseases such as CJD.
  • Analyst

    Caitlin is an analyst working on Dr. Boxer’s clinical trials and research studies.
  • Lab Specialist

    Kelly's work aims to understand cerebellar involvement in social functioning and neuropsychiatric symptoms in neurodegenerative disease populations.
  • Professor of Neurology

    Dr. Gorno Tempini directs the Language & Neurobiology Laboratory at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center.