Staff Directory: Research Coordinators

  • Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator

    Tacie is an Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator for the Quest Diagnostics Neurobehavioral Screen.
  • Lab Assistant

    Austin is is responsible for image processing of stained brain tissue in the Grinberg Lab.
  • Asst. Clinical Research Coordinator

    Noelle is a research coordinator for the asymptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease trial.
  • Research Coordinator

    Julie coordinates the Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease research study.
  • Program Manager

    Natasha is program manager of the Dementia Care Pathway program.
  • Care Team Navigator

    Esther is a Care Team Navigator for the Care Ecosystem study.
  • Program Manager

    Kirsten is program manager of the Dementia Care Pathway program.
  • Clinical Research Coordinator

    Shoshannah works on the frontotemporal dementia study with Dr. Bruce Miller.
  • Research Coordinator

    Rowan is the study coordinator for the Hillblom Aging Network, a longitudinal study of normal aging.
  • Research Assistant

    Ana assists Dr. Suzee Lee in neuroimaging analyses of patients with atypical dementias.
  • Clinical Research Coordinator

    Isabel coordinates social and emotional behavior and brain network organization studies for Drs. Seeley and Sturm.
  • Research Coordinator

    Jordan Stiver coordinates several studies about Parkinson's disease.
  • Research Coordinator

    Marian Tse administers cognitive tests to Chinese patients at different outreach sites and in the MAC clinic.
  • Staff Research Associate

    Adrienne is a research associate in Dr. Rabinovici’s laboratory.
  • Clinical Research Coordinator

    Ariane is a speech language pathologist working on on primary progressive aphasia, dyslexia and pediatric stroke