Memory and Aging Center Clinic

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The UCSF Neurology Clinic at the Mission Bay campus


The UCSF Neurology Clinic and the UCSF Memory and Aging Center Research Program are located on the Mission Bay campus in San Francisco. The UCSF Neurology Clinic is part of the UCSF Medical Center, an American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet®-recognized hospital.

Phone numbers:
Phone: (415) 353-2057
Fax: (415) 353-8292

UCSF Memory and Aging Center Clinic location:
1500 Owens Street, Suite 320
San Francisco, CA 94158
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UCSF Memory and Aging Center Clinic mailing address:
Dept. of Neurology Memory and Aging Center Box 3017
1500 Owens St. Suite 320
SF, CA 94143


To become a new patient at the Memory and Aging Center, there are a few steps that are necessary to take prior to your appointment that will help prepare us for the evaluation.

  1. Please request your medical records from your primary care physician and other health care providers (or neurologist or psychologist). The medical records should include recent medical records (from the past year), including lab results, diagnostic reports, clinical notes, and imaging. Please have them sent to:
    Attn: Clinic Coordinator
    Dept. of Neurology Memory and Aging Center Box 3017
    1500 Owens St. Suite 320
    SF, CA 94143
  2. If you are referred by a physician, please have the physician send us a referral letter, insurance information and authorization. The referral letter should describe why you are being referred and a synopsis of your condition.
  3. Clinic staff reviews the referral letter and medical records to determine if you should be seen at the Memory and Aging Center or by a different kind of specialist.
  4. The clinic coordinator will call you and either set up an appointment at our clinic or refer you to a different specialist. The next available new patient appointment is typically booked out from 3–4 months.
  5. Obtain your insurance authorization (see insurance section). If you are unable to obtain your authorization five days prior to the visit, your visit will need to be rescheduled.


At the UCSF Memory and Aging Center Clinic, each patient goes through a comprehensive evaluation consisting of a neurological assessment and cognitive testing. A careful history, including observations from someone who knows the patient well is included. Because memory loss and other related symptoms are often complex, we believe that a multidisciplinary and comprehensive evaluation is necessary for most patients. This initial evaluation accomplishes an assessment that may take two or three visits in a traditional medical setting.

The purpose of this evaluation is to determine the cause or causes of the patient's symptoms and to recommend treatment. At the visit, feedback will be provided and may include deferral of a diagnosis until more information is collected. A weekly conference with clinicians allows the review of complex cases to discuss diagnosis and potential treatments. A written report with results and recommendations is sent to the primary care physician and/or referring physician.


It is very important to notify your health insurance company of your intention to see us for an evaluation, particularly if you are covered by one of the following plans:

  • San Francisco City Health Plan
  • Medi-Cal
  • Brown & Toland/Health Net
  • Pacificare/Secure Horizons
  • Kaiser
  • Blue Shield HMO
  • Marin IPA
  • AltaBates Medical Group
  • …or any other healthcare plan that requires authorization prior to the appointment.

First, call your primary care physician and let them know that you plan to see a neurologist at UCSF. You can let your insurance carrier or doctor’s office know that the following codes will be used:

First visit
99205 Comprehensive consultation
99354 First hour
99355 Additional hour
96118 Neuropsychological testing battery (billed x5)
96116 Neurobehavioral exam

Follow-up visit
99215 Comprehensive follow-up

All visits must be authorized including follow-up visits. If they are not authorized, you will be charged the balance in full. Please have your primary care physician fax a copy of the authorization to the Memory and Aging Center at (415) 353-8292.

Interpretation services

Language should not be considered a barrier for patients and their families seeking evaluation for cognitive and/or behavioral changes. The UCSF Medical Center provides interpreters for medical visits, free of charge. Interpreters are available for Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese), Vietnamese, Spanish and Russian. The UCSF Memory and Aging Center also includes staff from diverse cultural backgrounds.

October 19, 2015