UCSF Over 80 Clinic

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The Over 80 Clinic at the UCSF Neurology Clinic at Mission Bay

The staff of the UCSF Over 80 Clinic seek to address the complex dementia care issues commonly seen when caring for the oldest old. This care often requires an in-depth understanding of co-existing non-dementia medical illnesses, medication interactions, and the integrated living environment encountered in care of elders. In contrast to the clinical priorities for younger patients with cognitive decline, diagnosis is often only a small factor in maximizing outcomes. In addition, we focus on maximizing the quality of life for each individual by evaluating co-existing illnesses, potential drug side effects and interactions, and the inter-woven environment frequently encountered by elders. This approach is facilitated by specialist training and expertise in geriatric medicine and an integrative approach to patient management. Staff members include Dr. Victor Valcour, Dr. Mary De May, Nurse Cindy Barton, Nurse Jennifer Merrilees, Pharmacist Ron Finley, and Social Worker Natasha Boissier.

Medical records can be sent by mail or fax to the numbers below. Upon review, patients will be contacted regarding an appointment. For more information on making an appointment, please see the Memory and Aging Center Clinic.


The UCSF Over 80 Clinic is located on the Mission Bay campus in San Francisco.

Phone numbers:
Phone: (415) 353-2057
Fax: (415) 353-8292

UCSF Over 80 Clinic location:
1500 Owens Street, Suite 320
San Francisco, California
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