SFVA Memory Disorders Clinic

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San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center (SFVAMC)


The clinic at the San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center is located on Clement Street in the Outer Richmond district of San Francisco.

Phone number:
Appointments: (415) 221-4810 ext. 2871

Clinic address:
4150 Clement St.
San Francisco, California


Anyone who served in the military is potentially eligible to be seen in the VA system. Patients must submit discharge papers and enrollment forms to establish eligibility and then register with member services at the specific medical center where they wish to be seen. Forms and further details are available at the Department of Veterans Affairs or by calling (877) 222-VETS. These steps are required ''prior'' to scheduling appointments or services. Once eligibility is determined, the individual will need to register at the San Francisco VA by calling (877) 487-2838. Once registration is complete, an appointment in the clinic can be scheduled.


The initial appointment is a multidisciplinary evaluation. An in-depth history and neurological exam is conducted by a physician and extensive cognitive testing is performed by a neuropsychologist. At the end of the evaluation, the team meets to review the information and discuss their findings and recommendations with the patient and family. It may be necessary to obtain additional examinations or testing before a definitive diagnosis is determined. Some patients will be followed in the VA clinic and while others will be followed by their primary care provider.


The specific services that a veteran is eligible for and amount of payment, is determined by:

  1. Financial means – income, assets, etc.
  2. Service connection – this refers to the amount of disease/illness or disability that is related to their time in the service. The higher the service connection, the more services that individual is eligible for. For example, to be eligible for long term care (LTC) at a VA site or reimbursed by VA for LTC costs, the individual must be at least 70% service connected.

Many veterans are eligible for assistance with cost for adult day health care and all veterans are eligible for respite stays and palliative care at their local facility.


Pharmacy benefits at the VA are quite generous, with reduced copays available to most veterans for medications on the VA formulary. However, the VA does not function solely as a pharmacy, and these medications must be ordered by a VA provider after evaluation and many require specialty approval. A “dual care” policy which allows for patients to be co-managed by their community and their VA physician, mandates individuals receiving prescriptions from a VA provider be evaluated at least annually.

Program for veterans which maintains frail, nursing home eligible patients in their homes by having a multidisciplinary team follow them. This is available in Marin, SF and Daly City/San Bruno at this time. There is a waiting list and patients are very closely evaluated for admission into this program.

Long-term care

Only highly service connected veterans, are eligible for long term care within the VA system (at a VA facility or contracted facility in the area).

Other services

Additional services include consultation with a pharmacist, occupational therapist, speech therapist and genetic counselor. There is also a semi-annual patient and caregiver education and discussion group which patients and family members are welcome to attend.