Brain Bank

The Neurodegenerative Disease Brain Bank (NDBB) was established in 2008 and serves as a repository for nervous system tissue donated for research purposes. The NDBB is committed to advancing the understanding of neurodegenerative disease by performing comprehensive neuropathological characterization of patients who participated in clinical research during life and by providing tissue to leading investigators worldwide.

Brain donation provides individuals the opportunity to help others affected by dementia by advancing our scientific understanding of neurodegenerative diseases and healthy aging. We honor the gift of donation and treat donors, their bereaved families, and all tissue with care and respect.

Tissue is shared with investigators whose research is of superb scientific quality and occurs under the provision of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

Many new discoveries have been published in peer-reviewed papers using data from the Neurodegenerative Disease Brain Bank (NDBB).

For more information about the Neurodegenerative Disease Brain Bank (NDBB) and its tissue sharing procedure, please contact the administrative manager. For questions about the Autopsy Program, please contact the autopsy coordinator.