Join a Supportive Care Trial

Quality of Life Trials or Supportive Care Trials are research studies to evaluate improving the health, care or quality of life for people, typically without using study drugs or devices. UCSF's Memory and Aging Center (MAC) runs selected supportive trials for people with neurodegenerative disease. Your participation helps us evaluate these interventions. If one of our trials looks interesting to you, please talk with your doctor or contact the study team to see if it is appropriate for you.

Brain Donation

The UCSF Memory and Aging Center provides a brain autopsy service for patients registered and seen at UCSF. Autopsy can be invaluable to both families and researchers by confirming a neurodegenerative disease diagnosis.

Resource Sharing

As an NIH-sponsored Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, the UCSF Memory and Aging Center looks for opportunities to share our resources with investigators of the highest caliber.

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