Surgery & Hospitalization

The risk of cognitive decline related to surgery and anesthesia continues to be debated in the scientific literature.


Managing medications for patients with dementia can be complicated. As a general rule, we suggest exploring as many non-drug interventions as possible before turning to medications. If medications are necessary, then there are some guidelines to consider when considering which ones to use, or avoid, and why.

Glossary of Medical Terms

This list defines many of the words or terms you will hear when discussing neurodegenerative disease.

  • agnosia: A loss of the ability to recognize objects, persons, sounds, shapes or smells without injury to the primary sensory organ or memory loss
  • agrammatism: The presence of grammatical errors in speech, such as the omission or incorrect usage of articles (“cow jumped over moon”), prepositions (“dog walk bridge”) or verbs (“cat eated mouse”).
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