February 3, 2021
Neuro-Memory and Aging
Full Time
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Under the supervision, the Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator (Assistant CRC) will have the opportunity to delve into cutting-edge research on the relationship between lifestyle factors and protein markers of neural functioning.

The Assistant CRC will be responsible for maintaining and continuing to recruit for an intervention study of over 100 cognitively normal adults, examining how factors from lifestyle to genetics contribute to neural functioning and the aging process in the absence of neurodegenerative disease. The Assistant CRC may also be responsible for assisting with longitudinal healthy aging projects examining cognitive decline, vascular disease, and inflammation, and contributing to studies of different cognitive domains in healthy aging, MCI, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Applicants should have comfort working with human subjects, and excellent organizational skills. The Assistant CRC’ duties will include (but are not limited to) data entry and management, scheduling/recruitment of participants, Committee on Human Research (CHR)/Institutional Review Board (IRB) upkeep, and managing the day-to-day function of the project. 

Interested parties should include a cover letter describing their background and why they would be a good fit for this project.