November 22, 2022
Full Time
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The Business Manager uses wide-ranging experience, professional concepts, and organizational objectives to resolve complex issues with little or no precedent for the ALBA Lab, Multitudes, and the multi-campus UCSF | UC Berkeley Schwab Center for Dyslexia and Cognitive Diversity (Dylexia Center).
  • ALBA Lab: The ALBA Language Neurobiology laboratory studies how language is organized into brain networks across the lifespan. This group researches how language skills and brain regions are impacted by neurological conditions and how they reorganize in response. This multidisciplinary team correlates behavioral research with multimodal neuroimaging techniques to understand the neural underpinning of higher cognitive functions such as speech, language and memory. In particular, the lab researches two syndromes, Primary Progressive Aphasia and Dyslexia.
  • Multitudes: This California State-funded project aims to better identify students at high risk of dyslexia by piloting a dyslexia screening and early intervention application to be used in public elementary schools. Ultimately, the screener will become part of a larger, integrated screening and intervention platform connected to an ongoing basic science and translational research program, able to provide curriculum support, train educators on potential educational interventions and ongoing research, and collect and organize data for reporting on outcomes.

Analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors. Exercises judgment in selecting methods, techniques, and evaluation criteria for obtaining results. Internal and external contacts often pertain to plans and objectives. Is considered a subject matter expert and often recognized as an expert externally in the industry. Provides guidance to other ALBA Lan/Multitudes/Dyslexia Center personnel and supervises professional or clerical staff.