July 26, 2022
Neuro-Memory and Aging
Full Time
Req Number: 
The Admin Research Project Manager uses skills as a seasoned and experienced administrative operations professional to manage, plan and administer the operations of a large, multicenter NIH-funded research project. Reports to study contact PI and Multiple PI team. Monitors and ensures completion of grant milestones.  Perform short- and long-term planning for the organization. Supervises research coordinators and other staff. Demonstrates good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.

Summary of Duties:
  1. Oversees all project management and administrative aspects of 1-2 complex, multicenter NIH-funded clinical research project(s).
  2. Reports directly to study UCSF study Principal Investigator, secondarily to multi-PI team at other institutions.
  3. Works with PI to develop project timeline and milestones for all project components.  Reports weekly to PI on timeline status and attainment of milestones. 
  4. Helps with hiring and supervision of research coordinators and other staff members that make up the project team.
  5. Develops weekly meeting schedule with executive team and all project component teams.  Organizes weekly and monthly meetings with project teams and investigators.  Prepares agenda and minutes for meetings as necessary.
  6. Interacts closely with UCSF Pre-Award team to ensure timely award set up, execution of sub-contracts to all sites and vendors, completion of progress reports, other pre-award activities as necessary
  7. Interacts closely with UCSF Neurology post-award financial management staff to monitor spending, oversee and develop budget projections, ensure payment of invoices
  8. Works with to executive team to ensure timely preparation and submission of single IRB application to cover all clinical performance sites.  Works with all performance sites to ensure local submission of necessary documentation to rely on central IRB and timely protocol initiation.
  9. Prepares annual progress reports for NIH and other funders.
  10. Works with data management team to ensure timely study database setup, monitoring of data entry and quality.
  11. Monitors and prepares metrics on study enrollment, data entry and other key project components.
  12. Assists with analyses and generation of abstracts and manuscripts based on study data.
  13. Other duties as assigned.