James Rini, MD, MPH

Behavioral Neurology Clinical Fellow
+1 415 353-2057

James Fraser Rini, MD, MPH. is a behavioral neurology fellow at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center in the Department of Neurology. He completed his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University in 2008, where he obtained his bachelor's degree in neuroscience and psychology. James then completed his MD and MPH degrees at New York Medical College in 2015. He completed his intern year in medicine at the University of South Alabama, and most recently, he finished his residency in neurology at the University of South Alabama in 2019.

James's overarching goals include improving accessibility, affordability, and equity of behavioral neurology in the US using innovative personalized information technology. His ongoing research focuses on embodied virtual reality remote clinical diagnostic tools to improve screening and clinical characterization of neurodegenerative conditions. Long-term research goals involve improving detection, differentiation, and management of neurodegenerative diseases through next-generation diagnostic and intervention tools.