Help improve FTD diagnosis and patient care Learn more.

Help improve FTD diagnosis and patient care Learn more

Living with FTD

Practical Tips

FTD causes many behaviors that may be frustrating or embarrassing for family members and caregivers. Sometimes medication may be needed, but often changes in environment, behavior or expectations can work effectively.

  • Caregiving Information

    Being a caregiver can be both extremely rewarding and extremely tough. By taking good care of yourself, you can have a more positive experience providing care for someone with FTD.

  • Professional Care Options

    There may come a point when you need outside help. Many options exist – find the type of help that works for you.

  • Clinical Trials & Research

    New treatments and cures are developed through research. Learn about participation and what to expect if you join a study.

  • Alternative Treatments

    If you use alternative or complementary treatments, be sure discuss all treatments with your doctor and be aware of certain risks.

  • Preparing for the End

    Planning for the future can make it much easier for the person with FTD and their family and caregivers to manage their financial and legal affairs. Start early, so that you can be part of the process and share your wishes with the people who may need to make decisions on your behalf.