Staff Directory: All Staff Members

  • Research Coordinator

    Jen is a research coordinator with Dr. Valcour’s HIV Over 60 studies, as well on his SEARCH Thailand acute HIV studies.
  • Research Coordinator

    Samir assists with an emotional learning and insight study and writing scripts to expedite the data analysis.
  • Behavioral Neurology Fellow

    Dr. Deleon is a behavioral neurology fellow at the Memory and Aging Center.
  • Hellman Master Clinician

    As an attending physician, Dr. De May evaluates new patients and provides ongoing care.
  • Research Associate

    Jersey works as a research associate in Dr. Seeley's lab.
  • Clinical Research Coordinator

    Reilly works with Drs. Bruce Miller and Howie Rosen to study frontotemporal dementia.
  • Research Coordinator

    Karen helps to coordinate and assess Latino participants who join MAC studies.
  • Financial Analyst

    Kathleen Drew is a financial analyst at the Memory and Aging Center.
  • Nurse

    Lena is a nurse in the Memory and Aging Center Clinic.
  • Speech Pathologist

    Dr. Dronkers assists in the evaluation of those individuals with progressive changes in their speech or language skills.
  • Assistant Professor of Neurology

    Dr. Dubal’s research focus is investigating neuroprotective strategies against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Sarah Dulaney is Nurse Coordinator for the Care Ecosystem study.
  • Staff Research Associate

    Sara investigates the susceptibility of specific brainstem nuclei affected in Alzheimer's disease.
  • Administrative Assistant

    Ken Edwards is the assistant for the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.
  • Lab Assistant

    Alex studies the early pathology of AD in the Grinberg Lab.