Research FAQ
Here are some frequently asked questions about observational research and clinical trials. Please ask us any questions you have that are not answered here.

Choosing to participate in a clinical trial or research study is an important personal decision. Before you join or your loved one joins a research trial or study, your doctor should talk to you about what it’s like to be in a trial and describe the pros and cons of participating.

If you are interested, someone from the clinical trial staff will explain the details of the study, risks and benefits, and your rights as a participant, including your right to withdraw from the study at any point. Once all your questions have been answered, they will ask you to sign an informed consent to participate.

The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) provide detailed information about clinical trials and were modified from the NIH Clinical Trials website, the UCSF Human Research Protection Program Website and the National Institute on Aging Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center. If you would like more information, you may find the booklet, Clinical Trials and Older Adults, published by the National Institute on Aging helpful for describing how older adults can volunteer for research studies.

You can contact the UCSF Memory and Aging Center Clinical Trials Program at:

The Boxer Lab
[email protected]