Patient Care
The UCSF Memory and Aging Center is directed by Dr. Bruce Miller and includes specialists from a wide variety of disciplines including neurology, neuropsychology, geriatrics, geropsychiatry, pharmacy, nursing, social work and speech pathology who are available to participate in a patient's evaluation.

The UCSF Neurology Clinic and the UCSF Memory and Aging Center Research Program are located on the Mission Bay campus in San Francisco. The UCSF Neurology Clinic is part of UCSF Health, an American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet®-recognized hospital. The Memory and Aging Center clinic provides consultation to patients, families and providers about diseases that affect memory and other cognitive functions. The Make a Referral page explains how to become a Memory and Aging Center patient and what is involved in the initial evaluation.

Your contribution to the UCSF Memory and Aging Center directly enables us to offer the highest quality of compassionate clinical care for patients and family members.



The Memory and Aging Center Clinic is open Monday thru Friday from 8:30 until 5 p.m. We are closed on university holidays and do not provide primary care or any after-hours coverage. We encourage our patients to have a primary care provider to coordinate comprehensive care and manage urgent needs.

Medical Staff

Our attending physicians have varying levels of clinical and research responsibilities. Clinical care benefits from the cutting-edge science being explored; however, this limits clinic availability to designated days and times. Planning ahead and avoiding cancellation or re-scheduling can ensure a timely appointment. Your evaluation will likely include trainees who are supervised by Memory and Aging Center faculty.

Scope of Care

We prescribe medications and provide treatments focused on cognition, but we do not manage other medical conditions and recommend you work closely with your primary care provider to ensure your overall health and well-being.


Communication with your provider is best managed by the use of MyChart, which is a secure method of communication. Each physician has a clinic coordinator who can be your contact for questions, appointments, forms, letters and records. We encourage you to get the name and contact information from your provider. Please allow at least a 48-hour response time for medication renewals and seven days for completion of forms and letters.

Clinic Staff

Available during regular business hours to assist with medication, advice about changes in condition, referrals and follow-up questions.

Patient Care Coordinators
Patient care coordinators provide support to the providers including scheduling, records, etc.

Practice Manager
The practice manager oversees office staff and overall operations including decisions about clinic space and scheduling. This person should be your contact for any concerns about the facility or staff.

Social Workers
Available during regular business hours to assist with brief counseling, resource coordination and clinical intervention.

Follow-up Appointments

Some patients come for a one-time evaluation or second opinion. However, if you decide to receive follow-up care at the MAC, the frequency of follow-up appointments is based on clinical need, and appointments are usually scheduled every 6 to 12 months. This reflects the expectation that change in these conditions will be gradual and not require frequent observation. If there is a concern, please contact the office and we will work to meet the need.

Telemedicine Follow-up

Some of our providers are enrolled in a program to allow appointments to be scheduled and conducted over the computer. This may be particularly helpful for those traveling a long distance. Please inquire if your provider offers this service.


A letter is sent to the referring physician after the clinic appointment with the results of the evaluation and any recommendations. Any other request for records or notes must be made to the UCSF Medical Records Office and a release of information form provided. (Form for Spanish-speaking patients: Autorización de divulgación de información médica.)

Other Opportunities at the MAC

Research — Talk to your provider about your interest and which studies might be right for you. We have observational, supportive and interventional opportunities, or you can email Harli Grant who will direct you to the appropriate person or project at the Memory and Aging Center.

Support Groups — We offer several different support groups at the Memory and Aging Center and by telephone.