Aaron Colverson, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar
Fields of Interest: 

Aaron Colverson is a Doctor of Philosophy in Ethnomusicology, with partnering research in Neuropsychology. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with a BM degree in Professional Music focused on jazz violin performance after which, he moved to Nairobi, Kenya for two years, embedding himself in East African musical traditions and cultures. He received a fellowship to study music and prosocial interaction in Alzheimer’s disease and endeavors to build cross-disciplinary competency between ethnomusicology and neuropsychology in the context of gerontology. Aaron studies rhythm perception, learning, and performance in the healthy aging population using a mixed-methods approach involving neuropsychological assessment, rhythmic musical activities, and functional magnetic resonance imaging.

He works as a hybrid postdoctoral/leadership-training fellow with the Memory and Aging Center and Global Brain Health Institute at the University of California, San Francisco.

In his spare time, Aaron avidly pursues improvement in competitive ultimate frisbee.