January 6, 2021
Neurology-Memory and Aging Center
Full Time
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We are hiring an Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator (Assistant CRC) to work on a multidisciplinary study: Assessing Digital Technologies in frontotemporal dementia (FTD) Using an In-Home Laboratory (FTD Home Lab). Under the supervision of a Clinical Research Supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI), the Assistant CRC will have the opportunity to delve into cutting-edge research on digital technologies and neurodegenerative diseases.

The FTD Home Lab study aims to evaluate a novel in-home research system for participants with frontotemporal dementia. This research system includes a variety of digital technologies, including medication-minding pill boxes, a smartphone application, wristwatches that assess mobility and sleep, and sensors that monitor walking speed. The long-term goal of the study is to identify promising technologies that could be installed in participants' homes, thereby improving diagnosis and reducing study and participant burden by limiting the need for participants to travel to academic centers for research evaluations.

The Assistant CRC will be comfortable and confident troubleshooting common technical software and devices (e.g. email clients, web browsers, and web browser plugin software) and comfortable learning to troubleshoot new devices implemented in the research study. The Assistant CRC will be comfortable speaking about research technology in laymen’s terms to research participants. The Assistant CRC will be trained about the technologies by the Principal Investigator (PI).

The Assistant CRC will be responsible for coordinating remote data collection in participants’ homes; help prepare protocols for study initiation; coordinate personal transit to participant homes; help place and calibrate passive sensor devices in and around participant homes; help design flow sheets, data forms and source documents; may apply understanding of inclusion/exclusion eligibility criteria for protocols; help recruit, enroll, register, schedule and retain study subjects; complete study forms to submit to sponsors and/or appropriate agencies; collect, enter and clean data into study databases, maintaining data quality; assist with data analysis; assist with preparation of reports and tables; attend team meetings; monitor device output for the duration of the study; manage Institutional Review Board (IRB) submissions and modifications; may provide technical support to participants and/or study team; communicate study proceedings with team and outside collaborators.