Xavier Lopez

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator – Care Team Navigator
Fields of Interest: 

Xavier graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2023 with a double major in Psychology and Social Welfare. During college, he worked in the Family & Culture Lab with Dr. Qing Zhou as a research assistant investigating the links among bilingual development, executive function, parent-child and teacher-child relationships, and socio-emotional development in young children from Mexican American and Chinese American families. He also worked in La Clínica de la Raza as an Integrated Behavioral Health Volunteer serving undocumented individuals in the East Bay. 

At the UCSF Memory and Aging Center, Xavier is a Care Team Navigator and Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator with the Care Ecosystem study led by Dr. Katherine Possin. He supports people living with dementia and their families, helping them navigate health and social services and cope with any challenges they experience. He is excited to pursue his interests in promoting healthcare equity and helping marginalized communities access the quality care they deserve.