Katherine Possin, PhD

John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation Endowed Professorship
+1 415 476-1889
Fields of Interest: 

Dr. Possin’s research program is focused on improving the detection, diagnosis and care for people with neurodegenerative disease. She has long-standing interests in understanding the cognitive impairments and their neural bases in neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body disease, Huntington’s disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy and frontotemporal lobar degeneration. She is the project lead of TabCAT, a software platform for tablet-based cognitive testing frequently used in research studies and clinical services. The Brain Health Assessment is a 10-minute assessment on TabCAT designed for the detection of cognitive impairment in everyday clinical settings. She is also the principal investigator of the Care Ecosystem, a telephone-based supportive care program for persons with dementia and their caregivers. Dr. Possin is a faculty member at the Global Brain Health Institute.

Kate Possin was awarded her PhD degree in clinical psychology from the University of California, San Diego. During her training at UCSD, she studied cognitive changes associated with Parkinson’s disease. She completed her internship in clinical neuropsychology at UC San Francisco in the departments of psychiatry and neurology and did her postdoctoral fellowship in the UCSF Department of Neurology. She currently holds the John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation Endowed Professorship and is a professor in residence in the Department of Neurology.

Dr. Possin is accepting applications for a postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology and a postdoctoral fellowship in dementia healthcare innovation.


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