Maryana Alegro Ribeiro, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Alegro joined the Grinberg lab in 2015, where she uses her knowledge in image and signal processing for building computational tools to help improve the understanding of neurodegenerative diseases. She also works in building and testing prototype imaging equipment for the lab. Her major experience is in MRI and histological image processing and, more recently, polarized light imaging. Dr.

Mahnoor Allawala

Care Team Navigator

Born and raised in Pakistan, Mahnoor recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in neurobiology. She was exposed to research in the biological sciences for the first time as an undergraduate, which inspired her to get more involved. She started out working in the Flannery Lab at Berkeley with mouse models to understand retinal degeneration and possible gene therapies for treatment. She transitioned to the BAND Lab at UCSF to see the clinical side of research and helped run clinical trials to test the effects of oxytocin on social bonding in veterans with PTSD.

Carolina Alquezar Burillo, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Carolina Alquezar Burillo is a postdoctoral fellow in the Kao Lab.

Marie Altendahl

Clinical Research Coordinator

Marie came all the way from Minnesota to attend UC Berkeley. She graduated in December 2016 with a degree in integrative biology. As an undergraduate, Marie worked in the Rankin Lab to investigate neuroanatomic changes that can cause altered personality, social behavior, and neuropsychiatry in dementia. She currently works with Dr. Joel Kramer as the study coordinator for the MarkVCID study, a longitudinal study developing novel neuroimaging and serological biomarkers to improve early detection and diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease.

Alexandra Apple, MS

Clinical Psychology Fellow

Alexandra Apple is a predoctoral neuropsychology fellow in the Clinical Psychology Training Program under the mentorship of Dr. Joel Kramer. She has a MS degree and is a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology (Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine). Her dissertation research explored the structural and functional markers of cancer-related cognitive impairment among women with breast cancer and how they relate to neuropsychological and self-report measures.

Andrea Argouarch

Assistant Specialist

Andrea Argouarch is an assistant specialist in the Kao Lab. She graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, with a MS degree in biomedical engineering and a specialization in stem cell research.

Jalayne Arias, JD

Assistant Professor
Atlantic Fellow at GBHI

Jalayne Arias received her undergraduate degree in international studies with a political science emphasis from Pepperdine University, her law degree from Arizona State University and her master’s degree in bioethics from Case Western Reserve University. After completing a Cleveland Fellowship in Advanced Bioethics at the Cleveland Clinic, she joined the Department of Bioethics as Associate Professional Staff and served as the Associate Director of the NeuroEthics Program at the Cleveland Clinic.

Lynn Bajorek

Research Coordinator

A Portland native, Lynn came to the Bay Area to attend UC Berkeley. She graduated in May 2016 with a degree in cognitive science and a concentration in cognitive neuroscience. As an undergraduate, she worked in the D’Esposito Lab on a project seeking to understand dopamine’s mediation of cognitive control and the contributions of dopamine deficiency to cognitive deficits in Parkinson’s disease.

Vera Bakman

Budget & Programs Officer, GBHI

Vera Bakman brings to the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) extensive experience working with international non-profit organizations focused on underserved populations. Her work is driven by a belief in basic human rights and the need to strive for equality of opportunity. She is a trilingual speaker of Russian, Spanish and English.

Cynthia Barton, RN, MSN, GNP

Nurse Practitioner

Cynthia Barton received her basic nursing education at Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital in Hanover, New Hampshire. She then went on to get her bachelor of science degree in nursing at UCSF and her master of science degree in nursing from Duke University. She is certified as a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.