hear/say Stories
The hear/say book is a collection of stories about aging, dementia, art, work and life. Watch members of the Memory and Aging Center read excerpts below.

Through the hear/say project, the Voice of Witness team helped members of the Memory and Aging Center collect and share the nuanced dementia story from the perspective of patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, family members, friends and artists to help illustrate the wide range of experiences of people living with dementia.

The videos below are excerpts from the Readers Theater sharing of the stories. The complete collection of stories in the hear/say book is available for sale at the Memory and Aging Center or online at Norfolk Press.

Welcome from Dr. Bruce Miller, Director of the Memory and Aging Center

Welcome by Cliff Mayotte, Education Program Director of Voice of Witness

“Who Has More Fun Than People” read by Leslie Goss

“They Actually Made Another One” read by Scott MacDonald & Robin Ketelle

“Being Present” (part 1) read by Sarah Dulaney

“Being Present” (part 2) read by Sarah Dulaney

“At the Bottom of All of It is Love” read by Kasia Gawlas

“At the Bottom of All of It is Love” read by Ali Zahir

Hellman Artist film by Keith Moreau, a former Hellman Artist

“I Have Always Considered Myself a Caregiver at Heart” read by Yessenia De La Vega & Thalia Leon

“I’m Not a Vegetable Yet” read by Geoff Hoyle, a former Hellman Artist