Neurobehavioral Rotation Program

The UCSF Memory and Aging Center offers one-month rotations for senior medical students, residents and fellows that include an intense clinical experience, exposure to clinical research programs and formal didactic lectures. Rotator supervision and evaluation are provided by David Perry, MD, and Howard Rosen, MD.

While the rotation is required for UCSF neurology and psychiatry residents, it is open to other UCSF residents and fellows. UCSF medical students are welcome to apply for the elective in their senior year through Cha Viloria in the Curricular Affairs office ([email protected] or 415.476.8084).

Non-UCSF neurology residents may also apply for an elective rotation provided they have a US or Canadian medical license, malpractice insurance and health insurance. This is a 30-day monthly rotation beginning on the first day of the month. Please review the learning objectives for the one-month elective at the Memory and Aging Center and then complete the Program Application.

Non-UCSF medical students can also apply to do an elective rotation. Please visit the following link to read up on the program. For more information, please contact Education Division Specialist Jennifer Cantero at [email protected].