September 14, 2022
DO-Fres-AssDn-CP-Alz Ctr
Full Time
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UCSF Fresno Ambulatory Care consists of the Alzheimer & Memory Center, Neurology Clinic, and Hillblom Center on Aging. The Alzheimer & Memory Center  provides evaluation and diagnosis for dementia in a multidisciplinary environment, culminating in a family conference and recommendations for care with information and referrals to community services. The overall mission of the Alzheimer & Memory Center is to promote advances in the care and management of those suffering from dementia through clinical diagnosis, family and community education, and research into both the biological mechanisms of dementia and the management of symptoms. The Alzheimer & Memory Center is one of 10 such centers funded by the California Department of health Alzheimer’s Disease Program and is administered through UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program. All clinical, educational and community outreach activities are part of the state-supported research agenda of the ARCC. 
Hillblom Center on Aging (HCA) was established by gift from the Larry L. Hillblom Foundation and is the first of its kind in the San Joaquin Valley. HCA’s purpose is to further medical care, medical education, and research related to diagnosis and care for the aging population, in coordination with UCSF Fresno’s Alzheimer & Memory Center.  The Hillblom Center on Aging provides clinical assessment and treatment for patients who have completed or are not participating in the Alzheimer & Memory Center evaluation process.
The Social Worker is primarily responsible for patient evaluation and treatment, and community outreach.