Argentina Lario Lago, PhD

+1 415 502-3773
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Argentina Lario Lago is the Biospecimen & Genetics Programs Manager at the Memory and Aging Center. 

Argentina is a biologist with a PhD degree in molecular neuroscience from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain. Her doctoral work focused on microtubule-dependent transport of AMPA receptors during synaptic plasticity processes in hippocampal neurons. To address this question, she used a multidisciplinary approach combining a plethora of techniques from biochemistry to imaging and electrophysiology, amongst others. During her postdoc, she continued working on the molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity using electrophysiology as her main tool in the laboratory of Dr. Roger Nicoll at UCSF. She then became the electrophysiologist of Dr. Lisa Gunaydin's laboratory, also at UCSF, where she contributed to a better understanding of the brain circuits underlying anxiety-related behaviors. Argentina joined the MAC in 2020 to put all those years of basic research to good use outside the bench, but not far from the science.


MAP1B Light Chain Modulates Synaptic Transmission via AMPA Receptor Intracellular Trapping.

The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience

Palenzuela R, Gutiérrez Y, Draffin JE, Lario A, Benoist M, Esteban JA

PTEN counteracts PIP3 upregulation in spines during NMDA-receptor-dependent long-term depression.

Journal of cell science

Arendt KL, Benoist M, Lario A, Draffin JE, Muñoz M, Esteban JA

PTEN is recruited to the postsynaptic terminal for NMDA receptor-dependent long-term depression.

The EMBO journal

Jurado S, Benoist M, Lario A, Knafo S, Petrok CN, Esteban JA