Cailin Lechner

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
+1 415 353-4548
Fields of Interest: 

Originally from San Diego, Cailin graduated from UCLA in June 2017 with a bachelor of science degree in human biology and society, a unique major through which she studied how human health functions in both biological systems and larger societal contexts. Drawing from her concentration in bioethics, Cailin is broadly interested in promoting justice among vulnerable health populations. As an undergraduate, she conducted her senior research project on the neurological effects of childhood lead exposure and the lasting impact of decades of failed environmental policy enforcement at a superfund site in south Los Angeles. She also served as executive director of Amigos de UCLA, a nonprofit which seeks to enhance educational equity in under-resourced Los Angeles schools through personalized tutoring and college mentorship.

Cailin continues applying an interdisciplinary approach to health issues in her current work with Winston Chiong, MD, PhD, in the Decision Lab. She coordinates research on the ethical implications of novel, closed-loop neurotechnologies for patients, caregivers and physicians and organizes a twice-monthly neuroethics seminar.

In her spare time, Cailin enjoys attending concerts, camping in national and state parks, and volunteering with older San Franciscans through Dr. Phaedra Bell’s GBHI project, Multi-modal Intergenerational Social Contact Intervention (MISCI), a program that pairs younger adults with older people screened for loneliness and social isolation to build a relationship through a creative project they choose to complete together during regular meetings over the course of three months.


A Qualitative Analysis of Ethical Perspectives on Recruitment and Consent for Human Intracranial Electrophysiology Studies.

AJOB neuroscience

Mergenthaler JV, Chiong W, Dohan D, Feler J, Lechner CR, Starr PA, Arias JJ