Corrina Fonseca

Staff Research Associate

Corrina is a research coordinator in the Memory and Aging Center (MAC) imaging core working on MRI data processing and analysis for Dr. Joel Kramer and Dr. Adam Boxer.

Before joining the MAC, Corrina graduated from UC Santa Cruz with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and cognitive science. After graduating, she worked for several years at the SFVA Medical Center as a research associate and senior imaging technician under Dr. Michael Weiner and Dr. Duygu Tosun. Her main focus was on MRI data processing and analysis for studies of brain-based biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease and late life depression. Corrina has also briefly worked at Stanford University’s Pediatric Emotion and Resilience Lab coordinating several studies looking at mood symptoms and neural correlates of emotional processing in adolescents who are at risk for developing bipolar disorder. She hopes to attend a cognitive neuroscience PhD program to continue using MR modalities to explore functional network connectivity and other brain-based biomarkers of psychiatric disorders.


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