Daniel Sirkis, PhD

Staff Scientist
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Expansion of interferon signaling-associated gene (ISAG) hi T cells in early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology

Sirkis DW, Solsberg CW, Johnson TP, Geier EG, Bonham LW, Miller BL, Rabinovici GD, Yokoyama JS

FTLD targets brain regions expressing recently evolved genes.

medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences

Pasquini L, Pereira FL, Seddighi S, Zeng Y, Wei Y, Illán-Gala I, Vatsavayai SC, Friedberg A, Lee AJ, Brown JA, Spina S, Grinberg LT, Sirkis DW, Bonham LW, Yokoyama JS, Boxer AL, Kramer JH, Rosen HJ, Humphrey J, Gitler AD, Miller BL, Pollard KS, Ward ME, Seeley WW

Early-onset Alzheimer's disease explained by polygenic risk of late-onset disease?

Alzheimer's & dementia (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Mantyh WG, Cochran JN, Taylor JW, Broce IJ, Geier EG, Bonham LW, Anderson AG, Sirkis DW, Joie R, Iaccarino L, Chaudhary K, Edwards L, Strom A, Grant H, Allen IE, Miller ZA, Gorno-Tempini ML, Kramer JH, Miller BL, Desikan RS, Rabinovici GD, Yokoyama JS

Role for cell death pathway in Alzheimer's disease.

Science (New York, N.Y.)

Sirkis DW, Yokoyama JS

C9orf72 gene networks in the human brain correlate with cortical thickness in C9-FTD and implicate vulnerable cell types.

bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology

Broce IJ, Sirkis DW, Nillo RM, Bonham LW, Lee SE, Miller B, Castruita P, Strum VE, Sugrue LS, Desikan RS, Yokoyama JS

Single-cell RNA-seq reveals alterations in peripheral CX3CR1 and nonclassical monocytes in familial tauopathy.

Genome medicine

Sirkis DW, Warly Solsberg C, Johnson TP, Bonham LW, Sturm VE, Lee SE, Rankin KP, Rosen HJ, Boxer AL, Seeley WW, Miller BL, Geier EG, Yokoyama JS

Frontotemporal dementia presentation in patients with heterozygous p.H157Y variant of TREM2.

Journal of medical genetics

Ogonowski N, Santamaria-Garcia H, Baez S, Lopez A, Laserna A, Garcia-Cifuentes E, Ayala-Ramirez P, Zarante I, Suarez-Obando F, Reyes P, Kauffman M, Cochran N, Schulte M, Sirkis DW, Spina S, Yokoyama JS, Miller BL, Kosik KS, Matallana D, Ib??ez A

Unconventional secretion of α-synuclein mediated by palmitoylated DNAJC5 oligomers.


Wu S, Hernandez Villegas NC, Sirkis DW, Thomas-Wright I, Wade-Martins R, Schekman R

Radiogenomics of C9orf72 Expansion Carriers Reveals Global Transposable Element Derepression and Enables Prediction of Thalamic Atrophy and Clinical Impairment.

The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience

Bonham LW, Geier EG, Sirkis DW, Leong JK, Ramos EM, Wang Q, Karydas A, Lee SE, Sturm VE, Sawyer RP, Friedberg A, Ichida JK, Gitler AD, Sugrue L, Cordingley M, Bee W, Weber E, Kramer JH, Rankin KP, Rosen HJ, Boxer AL, Seeley WW, Ravits J, Miller BL, Yokoyama JS

Dissecting the clinical heterogeneity of early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

Molecular psychiatry

Sirkis DW, Bonham LW, Johnson TP, La Joie R, Yokoyama JS

The Radiogenomics of Late-onset Alzheimer Disease.

Topics in magnetic resonance imaging : TMRI

Bonham LW, Sirkis DW, Hess CP, Sugrue LP, Yokoyama JS

Immunological signatures in frontotemporal lobar degeneration.

Current opinion in neurology

Sirkis DW, Bonham LW, Karch CM, Yokoyama JS

Recent advances in the genetics of frontotemporal dementia.

Current genetic medicine reports

Sirkis DW, Geier EG, Bonham LW, Karch CM, Yokoyama JS

Rare variants in the neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis gene MFSD8 are candidate risk factors for frontotemporal dementia.

Acta neuropathologica

Geier EG, Bourdenx M, Storm NJ, Cochran JN, Sirkis DW, Hwang JH, Bonham LW, Ramos EM, Diaz A, Van Berlo V, Dokuru D, Nana AL, Karydas A, Balestra ME, Huang Y, Russo SP, Spina S, Grinberg LT, Seeley WW, Myers RM, Miller BL, Coppola G, Lee SE, Cuervo AM, Yokoyama JS

Identification of a rare coding variant in TREM2 in a Chinese individual with Alzheimer's disease.


Bonham LW, Sirkis DW, Fan J, Aparicio RE, Tse M, Ramos EM, Wang Q, Coppola G, Rosen HJ, Miller BL, Yokoyama JS

Rare TREM2 variants associated with Alzheimer's disease display reduced cell surface expression.

Acta neuropathologica communications

Sirkis DW, Bonham LW, Aparicio RE, Geier EG, Ramos EM, Wang Q, Karydas A, Miller ZA, Miller BL, Coppola G, Yokoyama JS

Radiotherapy followed by aurora kinase inhibition targets tumor-propagating cells in human glioblastoma.

Molecular cancer therapeutics

Li N, Maly DJ, Chanthery YH, Sirkis DW, Nakamura JL, Berger MS, James CD, Shokat KM, Weiss WA, Persson AI

Protein sorting at the trans-Golgi network.

Annual review of cell and developmental biology

Guo Y, Sirkis DW, Schekman R

C9ORF72 hexanucleotide repeats in behavioral and motor neuron disease: clinical heterogeneity and pathological diversity.

American journal of neurodegenerative disease

Yokoyama JS, Sirkis DW, Miller BL

Self-assembly of VPS41 promotes sorting required for biogenesis of the regulated secretory pathway.

Developmental cell

Asensio CS, Sirkis DW, Maas JW, Egami K, To TL, Brodsky FM, Shu X, Cheng Y, Edwards RH

Nrf2 activation in astrocytes protects against neurodegeneration in mouse models of familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience

Vargas MR, Johnson DA, Sirkis DW, Messing A, Johnson JA