Fonda Smith

Operations Manager

Fonda Smith has a bachelor of arts degree in criminal justice and a passion for social justice. Born and raised in San Francisco, Fonda grew up in poverty and was impacted by the social justice issues such as mass incarceration and gentrification that continuously plague under-served communities of color. She began working in the nonprofit sector at a very early age to empower communities of color and help those in need. She immediately made it her life’s mission to uplift and amplify the voices of those in underserved communities, advocating for positive social justice for all. During the summer of the second civil rights movement in 2020, she was instrumental in using her passion, leadership and community focus to establish the Memory and Aging Center’s Coalition on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (CODE) and the Black Leadership Advisory Council (BLAC).

Fonda joined the UCSF Memory and Aging Center in 2017 as a center coordinator and now serves as the center’s operations manager. In this role, Fonda collaborates with the executive leadership to establish center goals and objectives and provides operational oversight and management of all related resources in compliance with the center’s goals and objectives. Through this work, Fonda will facilitate activities that promote awareness, accountability, education, transparency and advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion at the Memory and Aging Center and within the direct communities that we serve.

Outside of work, Fonda enjoys spending time with her family and vacationing in sunny locales.