Heather Romero-Kornblum

Clinical Research Coordinator
Fields of Interest: 

Heather Romero-Kornblum is a clinical research coordinator in the UCSF Decision Lab, led by Dr. Winston Chiong. She is fascinated with the cognitive, attentional and perceptual processes that impact how we pursue goals and make choices. As a Haas Scholar and senior in UC Berkeley’s psychology department honors program, she conducted research on the effect of income inequality on regulatory focus – a psychological mechanism that seeks to explain how we pursue goals. She was awarded the Warner Brown Memorial Prize for her work. Prior to completing her BA degree in psychology at UC Berkeley, she completed an AA degree in psychology at Foothill College, where she undertook an independent research project examining the role of empathy in promoting safer sex in the hookup culture, considering whether partner-focused language in sexual health information led to greater intent to practice safe sex in future encounters.

In the Decision Lab, she hopes to deepen her knowledge regarding the way we make decisions throughout our lifespans. In the lab, she is responsible for recruitment, task distribution and data collection for the Genes, Brains and Decisions and Online Studies of Decision-Making in Healthy Aging projects. I am excited about the possibilities these projects present for gaining greater insight into the relationship between behavioral economics and neurologically-driven individual variance.

When not at work, she is a mom and a poet, and she enjoys participating in improv comedy.