Hiu Fung Chan, MS

International Research Manager
Fields of Interest: 

Grounded in science – inspired by compassion. 

Kammy is a nationally certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in South Korea. She earned her Master of Science (MSc) degree from Yonsei University and completed her clinical training at Severance Hospital in Seoul.

In 2019, Kammy was honored with the Fulbright Research Scholar Award, during which she contributed to impactful research at UCSF.

Kammy is multi-lingual and fluent in four languages, including English, Mandarin, Korean and Cantonese. As a mixed-method researcher, she looks at the world through a wide-angle lens, then works her way to a microscope.

With over 5 years of experience in research, Kammy has embraced diverse roles in academia, digital healthcare and the tech industry.

Link to her peer-reviewed publications in Google Scholar

Her selected publications (as the first author):

  1. Chan Hiu Fung, Ng ML, Kim HH, Kim DY (2020) Swallowing-related quality of life among oral-feeding Chinese patients with Parkinson’s disease – a preliminary study using Chinese SWAL-QOL, Disability and Rehabilitation, DOI: 10.1080/09638288.2020.1791979
  2. Chan Hiu Fung, Ng ML, Rosen CA, Schneider SL. (2021) Cultural Adaptation and Validation of Speech Handicap Index: A Scoping Review. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. 26;30(2):748-760. DOI:10.1044/2020_AJSLP-20-00236. PMID: 33647211. https://pubs.asha.org/doi/10.1044/2020_AJSLP-20-00236 
  3. Chan Hiu Fung, Clark A. Rosen & Sarah L. Schneider (2022) An investigation of the cutoff point of the English version of speech handicap index in the American total laryngectomees, Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, DOI: 10.1080/14015439.2022.2102206