Joe Hesse

Director of Innovation

Joe Hesse joined the Memory and Aging Center in 2002 and serves as the center’s Director of Innovation. His focus is the development of informatics and computational infrastructure in support of precision medicine. He works in collaboration with many groups and faculty across UCSF with the overall goal of delivering technology solutions to clinicians and researchers that are both scientifically agile and regulatory compliant. He promotes a vision for an integrated ecosystem of technologies, infrastructure and services that can truly support the full scope of USCF's mission – from innovative approaches to discovering causes of disease and promoting health, to educating the next generation of health professionals and scientists, to translating discoveries into patient care.

He is also the creator of the LAVA open-source clinical research data management solution used in neurodegenerative research, and he is a member of the team of technologists who provide research data management and software development services to the Memory and Aging Center and their collaborators.