Lauren Edwards

Research Coordinator
+1 415 476-5650
Fields of Interest: 

Lauren helps to coordinate the Tau PET study as well as the Early Onset and Atypical Alzheimer’s Disease study as a part of Dr. Gil Rabinovici’s lab.

Born and raised in Seattle, Lauren came to the Bay Area in 2013 to attend Santa Clara University where she majored in psychobiology and chemistry. Inspired by summer research with Parkinson’s patients at the Brain and Mind Institute in Ontario, Lauren volunteered at the local Senior Center and focused her thesis on the neurobiological basis of the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. She came to the Memory and Aging Center hoping to continue studying neurodegenerative diseases, and in a few years, she plans to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical neuropsychology.


Tau PET and multimodal brain imaging in patients at risk for chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

NeuroImage. Clinical

Lesman-Segev OH, La Joie R, Stephens ML, Sonni I, Tsai R, Bourakova V, Visani AV, Edwards L, O'Neil JP, Baker SL, Gardner RC, Janabi M, Chaudhary K, Perry DC, Kramer JH, Miller BL, Jagust WJ, Rabinovici GD