Mahnoor Allawala

Care Team Navigator
Fields of Interest: 

Born and raised in Pakistan, Mahnoor recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in neurobiology. She was exposed to research in the biological sciences for the first time as an undergraduate, which inspired her to get more involved. She started out working in the Flannery Lab at Berkeley with mouse models to understand retinal degeneration and possible gene therapies for treatment. She transitioned to the BAND Lab at UCSF to see the clinical side of research and helped run clinical trials to test the effects of oxytocin on social bonding in veterans with PTSD. She now works with the Care Ecosystem study and really enjoys this intersection of research and healthcare. Mahnoor would like to become a nurse practitioner with the hopes of working with underserved communities in third world countries, particularly in her hometown.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking in the Bay Area, trying new brunch places and reading.