Marie Altendahl

Clinical Research Coordinator
+1 415 353-8372

Marie came all the way from Minnesota to attend UC Berkeley. She graduated in December 2016 with a degree in integrative biology. As an undergraduate, Marie worked in the Rankin Lab to investigate neuroanatomic changes that can cause altered personality, social behavior, and neuropsychiatry in dementia. She currently works with Dr. Joel Kramer as the study coordinator for the MarkVCID study, a longitudinal study developing novel neuroimaging and serological biomarkers to improve early detection and diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease. She also coordinates the SPEED Study, a project investigating the impact of tablet-based video games on cognition in individuals with Parkinson’s disease.


"Liquid Biopsy" of White Matter Hyperintensity in Functionally Normal Elders.

Frontiers in aging neuroscience

Elahi FM, Casaletto KB, Altendahl M, Staffaroni AM, Fletcher E, Filshtein TJ, Glymour MM, Miller BL, Hinman JD, DeCarli C, Goetzl EJ, Kramer JH

Candida parapsilosis Protects Premature Intestinal Epithelial Cells from Invasion and Damage by Candida albicans.

Frontiers in pediatrics

Gonia S, Archambault L, Shevik M, Altendahl M, Fellows E, Bliss JM, Wheeler RT, Gale CA