Natasha Boissier, LCSW

Social Worker
+1 415 476-2904

Natasha received her master's degree in social work from San Francisco State University in 1996 and became licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in 2003. Natasha has worked extensively in community agencies addressing the needs of the elderly. Prior to joining the MAC team, she was a family consultant and clinical supervisor at Family Caregiver Alliance, a center dedicated to providing information and support to family members caring for someone with a dementia related disease. Natasha joined the Memory and Aging Center in 2007 as a part-time social worker.

Natasha primarily works with families of patients to assist them in identifying comprehensive care plans, which include connecting family caregivers with resources in their communities, providing information on how best to manage challenging behavioral symptoms, as well as providing support and education on how to maintain one's health and well-being while providing care to their loved ones.