Sang Ngo

Research Coordinator
Fields of Interest: 

Research was an integral part of Sang's undergraduate experience at Stanford University, where he spent four years studying dynamic stem cell behaviors and tumor development. Working at the bench ignited his curiosity to explore and solve difficult questions about the natural world.

Though bench research consumed much of his time in these four years, he also dedicated time for community engagement work with vulnerable low-income and migrant communities. One experience he deeply cherishes is his years spent volunteering at the university’s pediatric hospital, where he connected with migrant children living with a host of conditions and diseases. Their spirit was a grounding and reassuring force for him all throughout college.

For a long time, these two parts of his life remained separate. However, the disconnect between his research and the patients he interfaced with in the hospital and the wider community gradually became apparent. His efforts to find an intersection between these two led him to the Decision Lab, where he managed the Decision-Making in Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias study. He is excited to extend his passion for research to a clinical field that centers on the individual and the human experience.

In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking comfort food, volunteering with migrant communities, and watching YouTube videos.