Understanding Dementia in Chinese Individuals

  • Study Director: Bruce Miller, MD
    Principal Investigator: Howie Rosen, MD
  • Sponsor: National Institutes of Health
  • Official Study Title: Characterization of Dementia in Asian-Pacific Islanders
  • Conditions Studied: Chinese individuals with cognitive impairment

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to increase data on dementia among Asian-Pacific Islander populations.

Study Details

Inclusion criteria: Chinese individuals, including monolingual Chinese speakers, over age 18 years with cognitive impairment.

Exclusion criteria: Individuals who do not have a reliable informant to provide collateral information

What to Expect

Testing: Neurological and physical examinations, MRIs, blood testing, cognitive testing and neuropsychiatric assessments

The Frequency of Visits: One visit each year for five years

Materials Needed Before Evaluation: Doctor's note, medical records

Costs: No costs will be charged for any of the study procedures. Parking will be validated for the 1625 Owens Street Garage or 1630 Third Street Garage at the UCSF Mission Bay campus for all study visits. There is no monetary compensation for participation.

Contact Information

If you are interested in participating in this study or have any questions, please contact the study coordinator, Kevin Lieu (bilingual in Cantonese and English) at [email protected] or 415.476.1678.

三藩市加州大學記憶力研究及治療中心現正邀請年齡介於40 至100歲, 沒有記憶或思考能力方面問題的志願者參加一項關於老化和認知的研究。這項研究的目的是爲了進一步了解華人正常老化的過程,以幫助醫生為病人在早期診斷出失智症。這項研究包括身體檢查、智力測試、腦部磁共振掃描(MRI)和每年一次的複診。研究人員需要與您的一位家人或親密朋友面談有關您的記憶力和日常活動的問題。參加這項研究是完全免費並有泊車費用資助。可用國語, 粵語, 或英語。

Kevin Lieu 廖嘉麒
電話: 415.476.1678
電郵: [email protected]

Are You a Healthy Adult?

The UCSF Memory and Aging Center is currently inviting volunteers aged 40–100 without memory or thinking problems to participate in an aging and cognition study. This research study aims to further understand the normal aging process in the Chinese populations and to help doctors diagnose patients with early signs of dementia. The study includes a physical examination, cognitive testing, MRI brain scan, and yearly follow-up appointments. Researchers will need to interview with one of your family members or close friends about your memory and daily activities. There is no cost to participate and parking fees are reimbursed. Mandarin, Cantonese and English-speakers are accepted.

If you would like to learn more information about the study, please contact Kevin Lieu at 415.476.1678 or email [email protected].